Real Estate Photography and Videos Real estate is the firmament upon which we stand, in order that our imagination may take flight. Whilst it may be bricks and mortar that we buy with real estate, it is the aspirations, possibilities and opportunities we perceive within a property which invest it with value. The use of drones can provide an invaluable, cost-effective opportunity for showcasing the attributes of a property, changing the way we experience real estate.

Real Estate New Perspectives

Real estate imagery captured with drone photography and videography allows the opportunity for bringing the open house to prospective clients, providing a virtual tour of the property. But it also takes us beyond the open house, soaring above the limitations of conventional photography. With drones, we get to experience the scale and the beauty of a property from new perspectives, perspectives which services such as Google Maps have familiarised us to, but in a form far more intimate and customised than that which is availed to us by satellite imagery. Drones are also uniquely suited to taking prospective clients beyond the boundaries of the property, introducing them to the wider locale of the property, the surrounding amenities, and the community within which the property is immersed. It allows for a presentation of the property that extends beyond the bricks and mortar towards the intangible. Aerial Drone Real Estate Photography Services

Drone Real Estate Marketing

The use of drones within real estate marketing creates the opportunity for properties to be introduced to potential buyers in a more formal, structured manner. The inclusion of content made with drones, either with spectacular airborne images or with more expansive video footage, stands apart from the more conventional types of images of properties we are used to seeing on real estate websites. The use of drone content focuses the attention of prospective buyers upon a specific presentation – our specific presentation - of the property, guiding their initial interaction with it, in contrast to the more haphazard mode of encounter that conventional real estate websites tend to promote. Within the conventional online marketing space, with its emphasis upon addressing a broad range of anticipated customer aspirations and preconceptions in an efficient, visual manner, a great deal of the initiative can be lost to the customer as they browse according to their own prerogatives - indeed, that initiative may very conceivably be entirely lost to a potential client's total emphasis upon their own expectations and preconceptions, the associated marketing content on the site having negligible influence upon them. The inclusion of premium drone content with the focus it provides to the browsing experience allows for initiative to be returned towards the salesperson, providing the opportunity for a more structured, consistent and engaging marketing message to be presented to potential buyers. Perhaps most significantly, however, whilst drone photography and videography provide the opportunity for restructuring how real estate marketing is done, it also provides the opportunity for disruptively innovating the real estate market, and allows the opportunity for those willing to take grasp of the disruptive potential to differentiate their brand in a distinctive manner. The premium photographic and video content that may be captured exclusively by drones is tailor made for marketing strategies that transcend the conventional reliance upon real estate portals. The capacity of such content to be able to be shared within the social media space far more readily than conventional real estate marketing content is only the beginning of the potential that such content provides: the inherently engaging nature of such content practically begs to be used inventively, expanding the opportunities for generating sales opportunities and potentially reinventing the manner in which the real estate in general in perceived. Real estate may very well be the firmament upon which we stand, in order that our imagination may take flight. But with drone photography and videography and its application to real estate marketing, our imagination is assisted in finding the most fortuitous circumstance within which to take root...

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