Danger! The statistics are high with workers falling off height from various industries causing serious injuries and in some cases lead to death.

Ask yourself as a manager or boss or self-employed, who happens to be working in the solar, insurance or roofing and construction industries. Ask oneself, how do I mitigate these risks from happening in the future and to keep everyone safe?

Great News! Did you hear about drones?

If you work in the industries that work with height on a regular basis, you may already hear about drones. You probably thought of purchase a drone and put it to good use. Drones are changing the way we tackle our work, as the advances in drone technology continue to improve the way we can measure and inspect roofs, solar panels to asset inspections such as bridges or powerline towers.

Why drones are much safer and quicker to do the job?

Comparing with man hours to set up platform and safety gear, walking across roofs are very dangerous and costing you resources. When you hire a drone pilot it is quicker to set up and faster for inspecting roofs and assets.

When you collect data with a drone, it is more accurate than manual roof measurement and inspection. A drone can access all edges and points a staff would not be able to, making a drone the winner and the perfect tool for rooftop measurement and inspections.

Drones are a safer and cost-effective solution to manual roof inspection

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction or commercial job sites. No wonder the industries are turning to drones to reduce and even eliminate the need for ladders.

Our tools to make work safer

We equip our zoom in camera with our DJI Inspire 1, Matrice 100 and the Matrice 600 to capture photographs, videos and collect data for our roof inspection services.

Our drones create many opportunities to streamline and enhance industrial and commercial use; asset inspections, power-lines, bridges and phone towers inspections. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can assist you with your next project.

The Matrice 200 – The Perfect Partner For Powerline Inspections

Hire Drone Pilots – we have amazing and experience drone operators on the ground in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to take on any drone inspection tasks.